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Project management software & ERP for the services sector

Your benefit when using ePro-SM:

  • ePro-SM is easy to use
  • Save time with an efficient project monitoring and controlling
  • Plan your projecte reliably and anticipate bottlenecks
  • Optimise the work load of your employees (capacity planning)
  • Access your data at any time and form anywhere over the internet (using safe encryption technology)
  • Adapt ePro-SM to your needs using a multitude of user defined settings

Overview of features

ePro-SM is a project management software and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution for enterprises of the service industries. ePro-SM provides a comprehensive tool with a multitude of functions for an efficient project management. Including modules for project planning, work capacity planning, cost- and time tracking, controlling and vacation planning, ePro-SM is an ideal complete package for ERP in small and medium enterprises of the service industries.

ePro SM team on tableePro-SM project management software and zeiterfassungePro-SM provides all functions for an efficient planning of your projects and it helps to optimize the work load of your employees. On a glance you can view the status of all your projects and the software enables you to recognize potential delays at an early stage, when there is still sufficient time for counter measures. Automatic e-mail reminders can remind you to send invoices or before deadlines, or when actual working hours exceed planned ones. With ePro-SM you don't loose time for time consuming routine tasks, even when working with complex projects. Instead your can keep your mind free for really important analyses and decisions.
Read more details about the features and products of ePro-SM.

ePro-SM Webservice Complete

ePro-SM Webservice Complete is a perfect solution if you need flexibility. Without the need to purchase and maintain you own enterprise server or to install software yourself, you profit from the complete functionalty of ePro-SM and from automatic and free updates (if wanted), keeping your system always up to date.

ePro-SM Enterprise Server

ePro-SM Enterprise Server is the right choice, if your prefer to install and run ePro-SM on your own server. You can make use of your existing in-house hardware and IT and you maintain your system, make backups and install updates yourself or with our support.