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ePro-SM is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool for companies of the services sector. Apart from modules for project management and planning or time tracking modules, ePro-SM includes further modules for human resource management (HRM), controlling or other tasks. The HRM module supports the administration of your employees and vacation planning (including special leave, transfer of vacations between years, and more options). You can see on a glance who is available during a given time period or you can search the personnel database of ePro-SM to quickly find somebody speaking a given language or having expertise in a specific area. The personnel database of ePro-SM also enables other employees to save time when seeking knowledge in your enterprise.

HRM - Employee list view

ePro-SM's time tracking module offers more than just time tracking. By the integration with the project management and HRM modules, ePro-SM enable you to easily view and plan the working time capacity of your employees. Since in practice project work is sometimes unpredictable, ePro-SM constantly updates the work capacity estimation of all your employees. This is done not only based on the planned work and the current work load of your employees, but also including delays or additional (or reduced) work for projects. This helps to optimize the work load of your employees and to anticipate high or low workload in the future.

erp controllingFor controlling a separate analysis module facilitates routine analyses of your enterprise, department or team, such as the analysis of turnover or profit during the last months or years. Or you can quickly extract data for a given time period revealing which types of projects or clients were most profitable. A number of settings make it possible to perform different types of analyses and to view your results in different graphs or as tables. In addition to the integrated analysis module of the ERP software, you can download the data of your projects or analyses for further analyses in MS Excel or other spreadsheet software.

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You don't want all employees to see all information or to choose your own preferences? ePro-SM offers over 70 user-defined settings to customize the system to your needs. You can define user types and specify for each user type which information different users can see and which functions they can use. For example you can grant all employees of a department insight into the projects of that department, but not thos of other departments. Or you can restrict all access to financial information to the head of the department. Several more functions are available to adapt ePro-SM to your needs.

With these and further functions Enterprise Resource Planning ist easy with ePro-SM.

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