In the following list the main functions of ePro-SM (version 4) are summarized. ePro-SM is continuously improved and new functions are provided with almost each update. Do you have suggestions for the future development of ePro-SM? Please send us you suggestions!

Project management & controlling

Gantt chart view Project list view

  • Different views for project planning and project management (list view, table view, Gantt chart, etc.).
  • An automated calculation of the remaining work load and potential delays of the finalization of project phases makes it possible to anticipate delays of project phases or exceptionally high workload in advance (optional).
  • All relevant project information including delays or additional work is displayed in a clear graph facilitating a quick overview at a glance.
  • Standard tasks, such as the assignment of employees to project phases, entry of costs oder changes of project status or priority, can be conducted easily.
  • Automated e-mail reminders can remind you when deadlines are approaching or involved personel can be notified automatically by e-mail when the project's status or priority changes. E-mail reminders can also be sent, when a specific percentage of working hours has been reached or when invoices are due.
  • An unlimited number of partial statements/invoices is supported.
  • Links to local project folders, reports or other files can be added to projects, in order to facilitate a quick access of your project data with a single click.
  • Project data can be downloaded as a spreadsheet (*.xls or *.csv).
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Cost management

Working hours overwiew Work capacity view

  • Easy entry of planned and actual project costs.
  • Chronological list view of actual costs.
  • Overwiew of all costs per project.
  • Balance view of actual vs. planned project costs for an efficient controlling.
  • Accounts codes can be edited to adapt them to your needs.
  • Download of costs as spreadsheet (*.xls or *.csv).

Time tracking, capacity planning and human resource management (HRM)


  • Working capacity planning (calculation of the future work load of employees).
  • Graphical overview of workload.
  • Time tracking with a user friendly interface for submitting working hours. Optional entry of a description of the work content.
  • Working hours can only be entered for projects to which employees are assigned to (to prevent erroneous data entries).
  • Working hour balance for each employee.
  • Display of working hours for specific time periods or projects.
  • Administration of vacations, ansence (sickness) and special leave.
  • Registration of personal data.
  • Registration of specialist knowledge or spoken languages of employees (to enable you to quickly find employees, talking a specific language or who have a specific area of expertise).
  • Download of personal data as spreadsheet (*.xls or *.csv).
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  • Analysis of turnover, costs and profit for zour projects, departments (or teams), clients, project types or for your entire enterprise.
  • Filter functions for analysis of specific projects using user defined criteria.
  • Analyses on a monthly, quaterly or yearly basis or for a used defined time period.
  • Graphical display of results and table views.
  • Different types of diagrams can be selected (bar charts, line charts and pie charts).
  • Download your results as spreadsheet (*.xls or *.csv).

Analysis - bar chart Analysis - bar chart

Registration of clients

Registration of clients for your project management (incl. Registration of client specific data, birthdays, etc.).
Download of client data as spreadsheet (*.xls or *.csv).