ePro-SM Enterprise Server

ePro-SM Enterprise Server is the right choice, if your prefer to install and run ePro-SM on your own server. You can make use of your existing in-house hardware and IT and you maintain your system, make backups and install updates yourself or with our support.

ePro SM server scheme

ePro-SM Enterprise Server can be installed on the server of your own company. ePro-SM Enterprise Server can be adapted to your needs using a number of additional user-defined settings. You can optionally restrict access to your ePro-SM Enterprise Server installation to a specific IP address, e.g. the IP of your enterprise. Due to pre-installed databases the installation of ePro-SM Enterprise Server is relatively easy. Using ePro-SM Enterprise Server you have the full control of who can access your data, however, please note that you or your IT personnel are responsable for installation of ePro-SM on your enterprise server and backups; of course we'll support you in installation or maintenance of ePro-SM if needed.

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