ePro-SM Webservice Complete

ePro-SM Webservice Complete is a perfect solution if you need flexibility. Without the need to purchase and maintain you own enterprise server or to install software yourself, you profit from the complete functionalty of ePro-SM and from automatic and free updates (if wanted), keeping your system always up to date.

After booking ePro-SM Webservice Complete you receive a personal, secure internet access (entrypted with SSL) such as https://epro-sm.com/YourEnterprise, which you can access world-wide over the internet. You safe the expenses for your own server and its maintenance and you only pay a monthly fee per user. View prices

ePro SM webservice scheme

Your benefits:

  • Full funcionality: You can benefit from the full functionality of ePro-SM, including all modules (project management, controlling, human resource management, analysis module and more). Features
  • Unlimited accessibility: Since ePro-SM is a web-based system, you can access your data from anywhere in the world using your personal, secure access. No matter if you are in Frankfurt, New York or Tokio, you can always check and manage your projects. Your employees can access or update projects or working hours from any branch offices or en route when they are on a business trip.
  • Full flexibility: You only pay for the number of users you need. During phases of high or low workload you can flexibly adapt the number of users to your needs. Project data, expenses, data of employees or clients can be downloaded at any time. Hence you never loose your data even if you decide that you don't need ePro-SM anymore.


The security of your data is very important for us. Therefore, our servers are highly secured: Video surveillance, electronic locking system and personal access controls secure the access to the server center. Additionally, an around-the-clock service by qualified personnel ensures the accessibility of the servers. Regular backups help to minimize data loss in case of hardware failure. Should you decide not to benefit from using ePro-SM anymore, you can download your data in an office readable format for future use. Should you choose to switch to ePro-SM Enterprise Server at a later time, we can assist in the transfer of your data.

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