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project management software

Project management with ePro-SM is easy. A clear, intuitive user interface makes the start with the project management software ePro-SM very easy and facilitates a simple and intuitive usage of all modules. At the same time, the ePro-SM software offers all functions you need for an efficient work with your projects. Due to the integration of modules for project management, time tracking, human resource management, vacation planning and controlling, ePro-SM offers more than most project management software solutions.

Project planning, project management, controlling and resource planning

As a project management software ePro-SM facilitates the planning of projects and needed resources, i.e. human resources and expenses, the daily management of your projects and project controlling. When planning projects a clear graphical user interface shows project phases and milestones or deadlines and the planned work capacity of your employees. The latter ensures a sufficient work capacity when planning new projects. Of course you enter project specific information (e.g. service descriptions) or financial information (e.g. quotations or invoices) for your projects or project phases. For each project a link to your enterprise server can help to rapidly find project related documents or folders, enablelling you to access files with a single click from within ePro-SM.

Project management software

  • Comprehensive functions for planning of Projects, phases and milestones
  • Planning of ressourcen (human resources/work capacity and project expenses)
  • Planning of invoices (e.g. when a percentage of the work is complete or after finalization of a phase)
  • Easy to use project management interface for your daily routine
  • Balance views for working hours or expenses for controlling of projects
  • Delays of project phases and additional time needed are taken into account for capacity views or gantt charts
  • Analysis module
  • Easy and intuitive program interface

ePro-SM provides a number of function making the daily work with your projects easy. You can see the working status, the status of invoices or the priority of your projects at a glance . Balance views for planned vs. actual working time or expense ensure that no projects get out of hand. Routine tasks such as assigning employees to project phases, the registration of costs or vacation planning, which must be taken into account for the planning of projects, can be performed quickly and easily. Working with ePro-SM is intuitive through pop-up menus and dialog boxes as in conventional desktop applications.

Always up to date

In contrast to conventional project management solutions you don't have to actualize ePro-SM manually. Rather your employees and the phase-responsables keep the system up to date due to the integrated time tracking module. This ensures that the current status of your projects is always correct. Even if project phases are delayed or if additional work is expected in, ePro-SM you will always see potential delays of milestones and the prognosed time balance at finalization automatically (Gantt charts).

Project management software - Gantt chart

Gantt charts, list and other views of the project management software

In the project management software ePro-SM, various project views are available. You can view projects in a list view, Gantt chart or table view according to your requirements. You can also view daily working hours for projects and each project phase.

Gantt charts are ideal for project planning or project controlling. When planning new projects, you can clearly see when to plan individual project phases and milestones . For the controlling of ongoing projects you can see the current status of your projects and quickly idetify those projects which need special focus. In ePro-SM also delays or expected additional costs are displayed in Gantt charts, making it possible to anticipate shifts of phases or milestones (or deadlines) at an early stage, giving you sufficient time for countermeasures. The work capacity view of ePro-SM always takes delays or additional work load into account, making it possible to anticipate periods of high or low work load.

Standard tasks of your project management are quick and easy performed in the table and list view, for example, changes of the projects' status or priority, the assignment of employees to projects or the registration of expenses. In the table view, you can also download your data as a spreadsheet for custom analyses (e.g. for MS Excel).

Project management software - Registration of expenses  Project management software - Registration of expenses

Automatic e-mail reminders for milestones, invoices or exceeding working time

In ePro-SM automatic e-mail reminders can be used to ensure that milestones or deadlines are kept. Reminders can also be used to be notified when invoices or interim invoices have to be sent. For example you can be reminded my e-mail when a certain percentage of the planned working time of a project phase has been reached or when a project phase is completed. E-mail reminders can also be sent to ensure that you are notified when the working time for projects exceeds the planned working time.

Analysis of turnover, costs or profit of your projects

The project management software ePro-SM includes a specific analysis module, which supports analyses of cost, revenue or profit of projects. Both cost for personnel and material can be included in analyses. Graphs and tables summarize results of analyses and analyses can be conducted separately for different customers, departments (or teams) or projects types. Results can of course be downloaded as a spreadsheet.

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