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time tracking software

Time tracking and project management from one piece

Time tracking - entry of working hours

ePro-SM is an enterprise solution with an integrated time tracking module, with which employees can enter their working hours. Due to the integration of modules for time tracking, project management, administration of personnel and vacations, a series of functions and analyses are possible which can not be done with conventional time tracking tools.
For each employee you can view not only the working time per day and project, but you can also view the total working time and a working time balance, i.e. the number of overtime oder missing working hours. These and other functions are possible since the time tracking module of ePro-SM interacts with the module for the administration of vacations. Specifically you can view the following data on a click:

Time tracking - Daily working hours per project

  • Display of a working time balance (i.e. overtime or missing working hours) and display of daily working hours for each Employee (for the current year or for a given time period)
  • Overall and daily working time per project phase (optionally display of total or daily working time separately for each involved employee)
  • Comparison of planned and actual working time for each project phase (balance of project's working time)

thumb Timetracking working hours2

The calculation of the working time balance for employees is based on the weekly number of working hours per employee (according to the work contract), the number of working days per week and the actually accomplished working hours. For all calculations of working time vacations, special leave or absence (e.g. due to illness) are of course taken into account.

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